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I am Felix Mora, psychologist, dietitian and nutritional coach.
Specialist in treatment of digestive problems, change of habits, weight loss, stress, anxiety, sadness and much more…!

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What can I do for you?



Get your personalized diet
All the diets you are going to receive are adapted to you and to what you are concerned about.

Weight loss


Say goodbye to those extra pounds
I accompany you in a healthy weight loss process. We can go slow or fast depending on what you need.



Physical and mental well-being
Learn how to increase your physical and psychological quality of life. Feel good, say goodbye to those little annoyances of your day to day.



Adapted to your therapeutic process
Discover the exercises that are best suited to achieve that goal you have set.



Now you are going to get it
There are many ways to achieve a goal, try new ways, I give you ideas.



Soak up resources
Enjoy all the information I give you, it is useful knowledge that serves you for a lifetime.

My way of working

I work from an integrative perspective helping your body and mind heal from the inside. I incorporate all the knowledge acquired to date to provide you with the best possible treatment and service.

All my advice is oriented to achieve goals in a healthy and respectful way with the body and mind. If you want to do things differently, it’s okay, you are responsible for your health, the future repercussions will fall under your responsibility. Be warned!

I consider myself an eternal apprentice, I am ALWAYS researching and studying.

Every day there are people who reveal new discoveries to the world. I am committed to keep myself updated and retain as much information as possible.


I wanted to lose 6 kg that resisted me, with 3 sessions in 3 months I have already managed to lose them. In addition, I have learned that it is a healthy diet, and has offered me a diet and tips for a flexi-vegetarian diet.

I was having trouble sleeping, feeling bloated and heavy. I gained weight and couldn’t get it off. With 2 sessions with Felix I lost 5 Kg, I managed to sleep better, I learned to eat better and I have many recipes and alternatives to eat healthy when I do sport. Thanks Felix!

I have been suffering from fibromyalgia for years, with Felix’s dietary and lifestyle changes I have managed to reduce migraines, I feel more energetic and balanced at the intestinal level. It has not been difficult for me to follow the diet and I like this new “lifestyle”.

I needed to go on a ketogenic diet and I didn’t know how to do it. Felix has not only given me a diet, but has passed on his knowledge to me so that I can follow it. I am very grateful, it has been very useful to me.

Quería perder 6 Kg que se me resistían, con 3 sesiones en 3 meses ya he conseguido perderlos. Además, he aprendido que es una alimentación saludable, y me ha ofrecido una dieta y consejos para una dieta flexivegetariana.

Tenía problemas para dormir, me sentía hinchado y pesado. Gané peso y no conseguía bajarlo. Con 2 sesiones con Félix baje 5 Kg, he conseguido dormir mejor, he aprendido a comer mejor y tengo muchas recetas y alternativas para comer sano cuando hago deporte. Gracias Félix!

Llevo años padeciendo de fibromialgia, con los cambios alimentarios y de estilo de vida de Félix he conseguido reducir las migrañas, me siento con más energía y equilibrada a nivel intestinal. No me ha costado seguir la dieta y me gusta este nuevo “estilo de vida”.

Necesitaba hacer una dieta cetogénica y no sabía como hacerla. Félix no solo me ha entregado una dieta, si no que me ha transmitido sus conocimientos para que yo pueda seguirla. Estoy muy agradecida, me ha sido de mucha utilidad.

Ask me your doubts

Contact me via e-mail, whatsapp, or cell phone calls. My practice is located in Barcelona and is connected to metro L5 (blue) and L3 (green), very close to Diagonal metro station.



Shall we talk on WhatsApp? Or if you prefer you can send me an email to info@felixmora.com

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