¿What can I do for you ?

Dietetic and nutritional plans


Get your personalized diet
All the diets you are going to receive are adapted to you and to what you are concerned about.

Weight loss


Say goodbye to those extra pounds
I accompany you in a healthy weight loss process. We can go slow or fast depending on what you need.



Physical and mental
Learn how to increase your physical and psychological quality of life. Feel good, say goodbye to those little annoyances of your day to day.



Adapted to your therapeutic process
Discover the exercises that suit you best to achieve that goal you have set.

Objectives and goals


Now you are going to get it
There are many ways to achieve a goal, try new ways, I give you ideas.



Soak up resources
Enjoy all the information I give you, it is useful knowledge that serves you for a lifetime.

Service of dietetics

If you want to achieve your goal in a clear, easy and effective way, ask me for an appointment.

During our first visit, I will conduct an in-depth interview to find out what factors are involved in your problem and what factors maintain it. Also to assess your health status and vulnerabilities.

A few days after seeing us you will receive: a weekly menu, notes about the menu or details of the diet, information about your imbalance or illness, food information, adapted recipes, and links to valuable information.

During the follow-up visits we will review your progress, the difficulties you have had, and adapt the menu even better to your tastes, preferences and needs. Together we will make sure you enjoy the journey to your goal!

Servie of psychotherapy

Siéntete fenomenal

Let’s get to know each other! Okay, I’m going to know more about you than you know about me, but let’s get together and talk quietly. Tell me what worries you, what bothers you, what makes you feel bad, what makes you sad, …, tell me about yourself.

During the first visit I will do a long interview in which I will ask you about what worries you, since when it happens, who or what people are involved, solutions you have thought, …

If we have not finished the interview we will continue in the follow-up sessions. In the following sessions we will continue talking, I will administer tests, teach you techniques (emotional management, organization, behavioral and cognitive restructuring, …), and we will assess the progress and difficulties you have had.

Online Service

I also perform service via ONLINE. Book your session from anywhere in the world!

What will you receive?

In the images on the right you can see an example of the files you will receive after the first visit.

You will receive:

  1. Cover page.
  2. Weekly menu.
  3. Notes page.
  4. Food tips and information.
  5. Recipes and links.

Also, depending on whether you have difficulties sleeping, stress/anxiety, depression, don’t know how to organize yourself, need food size guidelines, …, you will receive additional pages of tips that will help you.


Below you can see the prices of the visits depending on the service and the type of session.

  • Psychotherapy
  • All visits
  • 1 hour long
  • 80
  • Dietetics
  • First Visit – 1:30h
  • 1 hour and 30 minutes long
  • 75
  • Dietetics
  • Follow-up visits Between 40 and 60 minutes
  • 40-60 minutes long
  • 50
  • PNIE
  • First Visit – 1:30h
  • 1 hour and 30 minutes long
  • 85
  • PNIE
  • Follow-up visits Between 40 and 60 minutes
  • 60 minutes long
  • 60



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